Dermatological clinic “Sofia” is a group practice of specialized outpatient medical care, that offers services in the field of dermato-venerology.

The topics that we are specialized in and that you can be of benefit are:

  • General dermatology – the clinic deals with diagnoses and treatment of infectious and non infectious skin deseases.
  • Pediatric dermatology – diagnosеs, treatment, prophylaxis and prevention of skin deseases and pathology of the mucous membrane in children.
  • Dermatological surgery – treatment of benign and malignant cutaneous deseases.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections/ Diseases - accurate diagnosis and timely treatment of sexually transmitted infections
  • Aesthetic dermatology - non-surgical correction of the signs of aging and aesthetic imperfections in the face and body area.

The clinic is located in Darvenitsa – near to the heart of the most youthful places in the city – Studentski grad., Musagenitsa and Mladost.

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Contact us: (+359) 892 600 602