At Dentatime we also offer a popular method to replacing a full set of teeth with a minimum number of implants known as the Implant-Retained Prosthesis on 4 Implants. This represents a type of all-on-4 treatment, using 4 specific Swiss implants implants and is considered to be more of a budget advantage, but also long-term in its essence as a solution. The important thing here is that the restoration construction is removable, placed on 4 Swiss IHDE self-locking titanium basal implants in the front part of the jawbone. This treatment is suitable for patients with diabetes, osteoporosis and in general who are not eligible for bone augmentation.

This type of denture is retained (attached) to the implants thanks to a self-locking system with „tic-tac” buttons. The four implants are inserted in the front part of the jawbone (in the area between the canine teeth) and the denture is fixed with to them with nylon caps. Thus the prosthesis becomes more stable so that the patient can and eat and speak with comfort.




This treatment applies for full-mouth restoration
The denture fixed on 4 implants is a surgical technique that is recommended for people who have lost most or all of their teeth.
15 to 30 days treatment time:
Our treatment at the Dentatime Clinic is carried out using Swiss IHDE basal implants and takes place in 4 stages with a duration between 15 and 30 days’ time:

Stage 1: Teeth extraction (if necessary) followed by 2 weeks healing time.

Stage 2: 2 weeks for production of the denture

Stage 3: Inserting the implants and „locking“ /attaching the denture

Minimally invasive surgery
All four Swiss basal implants for the denture are inserted through the gum at strategical points in the upper and lower jawbone, where the bone is strong and is not subject to resorption. This is what we call Strategic Implantology, as the incisions made are smaller in comparison to other implant systems. The implants are made of a modern titanium biocompatible alloy, attaching rapidly to the deep cortical bone parts and have a unique design allowing for the fast restoration of the chewing functionality.
Removable plastic prosthesis retained by 4 implants:
The denture used with this particular type of treatment is plastic (plaque prosthesis) made after taking the patient’s individual impression. This method involves the placement of 4 Swiss IHDE self-locking titanium basal implants in the front part of the jawbone that serve as a base for fixing the prosthesis. The denture is stable during eating but it is necessary to have it removed and cleaned at the end of the day. In comparison to the method combining the placement of Swiss immediate load basal implants with metal ceramic bridges, the removable denture fixed on 4 implants is considered to be more of a budget solution.
The price for one jawbone is 3 700 BGN. Compared to other dental implant treatments, the price here is lower, due to the plastic prosthesis fixed on 4 implants that is used.


You can learn more on our dental implant treatments to replacing missing teeth without dentures by visiting our Dental ImplantsandBasal Implantssections on our website.


PATIENTS’ CASES (with and without the prosthesis):

Prosthesis on 4 Implants


Swiss basal implant system for dental treatment in just 3 to 5 days!

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