Our team at Dentatime is committed to providing high quality dental care to children of all ages, aiming at a friendly, comfortable and relaxed dental experience. Our extensive experience with children is focused on assisting them in achieving and maintaining proper oral health and a happy smile from childhood all the way through growing to adults.

At Dentatime we provide comprehensive pediatric dental care in the following areas:

  • Preventive dental care including oral check-ups, hygiene, dental sealants and fluoride varnish
  • Fixing cavities (white or tooth-coloured fillings), pulpit and tooth defects
  • Care for tooth or dental injuries in soft tissues, such as fractured, displaced, or knocked-out teeth
  • Orthodontics – exams and treatments

To prevent any future risks, our team recommends that children visit our Clinic for upfront regular check-ups at least twice a year. Our dentists will also teach them how to properly brush their teeth and protect themselves against caries and assist parents in developing these important habits for their children.

As part of our prevention programme, we also offer sealants. Infant primary and  permanent teeth have low resistance to aggressive factors in the oral cavity because their mineralization is still low. The pits and fissures in the tooth surfaces are sharply outlined which makes chewing surfaces hard to clean from food and expose them to a higher risk of tooth decay (caries) and pulpitis. This could be easily avoided with the early preventive coverage of major teeth fissures. The procedure is painless and helps children to get used to the future regular dental visits. We recommend sealants on all permanent chewing (molars) teeth.

In the cases of tooth decay or pulpits, white or tooth-coloured fillings are applied.

In our practice we avoid treatment with toxic products (arsenic) and we use anesthetics suitable for children, for painless treatment.

Irregular teeth arrangements and  bite malfunction are also displayed in childhood, and the main way to correct them is to perform orthodontic treatment with braces and aligners. A visit to our Orthodontist and an early treatment can help prevent many further complications.

Dentatime Pediatric Dentistry Price Range:

  • Extraction of primary tooth – from 20 BGN
  • Primary tooth filling – from 40 BGN
  • Fissure sealing – 25 BGN

Swiss basal implant system for dental treatment in just 3 to 5 days!

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