Dental Implants – Benefits, Cost and Why Experience Matters

When considering a dental implant practice and team to perform implant treatment procedures, patients look for practitioners with the right set of skills and experience, who are knowledgeable and confident with the latest techniques in dental implant systems.

March 29, 2021

Dental implants are becoming the fastest growing area of modern dental treatment. During the last 20 years the dental implant segment has continued to advance becoming more accessible for a larger number of patients. A recent study conducted by ADA (American Dental Association) shows that 3 to 5 million implants are placed on a yearly basis in the USA and Europe with a significant rise in dental implant success rates up to 96%-98%.

The past seven years have seen a remarkable growth in the dental implants sector in Bulgaria as well. More dental practitioners are addressing this demand by integrating implants in their treatment portfolio. There are however, three key factors for determining the achievement of high success rates in dental implantology:

  • The type of dental implants system selected for treatment.
  • The protocol applied for the dental implant procedure.
  • The expertise and years in operation of the dental practice together with the skills, accuracy, knowledge and precision of a well-trained and experienced dental surgeon.

The benefits of dental implants are well known for being the best and most advanced long-term treatment for edentulous patients and for replacing missing teeth segments (one or more teeth). Dental implant procedures hold a major advantage, as they do not involve tooth canal treatment and drilling of vital teeth, commonly applied in bridge restoration procedures. A number of patients having experienced removable dentures opt for dental implant treatment over time as the best solution for restoring their natural chewing function.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of dental implant treatment procedures in Bulgaria is by far more affordable in comparison to other countries in Europe, USA and Asia, which does not in anyway mean comprising quality. Dental implants hold a strong value proposition even for the most price-oriented patient as they form a long-term investment and it is important to emphasise that there is more than just a single implant product involved when cost estimation is formed.

The overall treatment price covers a full pack of procedures, services and factors that accompany the treatment process – cutting-edge standards for infrastructure and equipment, experience and professional qualifications of the dental practice team – surgeon, dental technician, dental assistants, the digital scanning and planning software technologies and other price components. Similar to property investments, dental implants come with a higher initial price, but they are meant for a lifetime and save money long-term.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants hold a number of primary advantages:

  • They offer a long-lasting fixed-tooth solution with the closest possible comfort and feel to natural teeth.
  • When placed in a correct, professional manner that are key for preventing further bone resorption .
  • Patients choose dental implants as a long-term solution.
  • Implants restore the normal chewing and eating functions and improve oral and overall health conditions.

Why Experience Matters?

When considering a dental implant practice and team to perform implant treatment procedures, patients look for practitioners with the right set of skills and experience, who are knowledgeable and confident with the latest techniques in dental implant systems.

Our Dentatime team approaches each patient with individual care, addressing key areas that will help us obtain a full understanding of their dental issues. We perform a detailed oral examination with the help of software planning and digital scanning tools, discuss risk assessment and eligibility, review the patient’s overall medical history and plan thoroughly the requirements for the ideal dental implant system that would suit the patient to use over the longest possible period of time.

Often during their first visit to our Dentatime clinic, patients are concerned whether undergoing a dental implant procedure might turn out to be risky, followed by complications and downsides. The truth is that dental implants are a perfectly safe treatment when carried out by a skilled and experienced dental implantologist at a specialised implantology clinic. The dental surgeon has to have a detailed understanding of the patient’s individual case and to offer a bespoke treatment solution so that any form of risk or ineligibility is avoided.

It is more than important for each patient to be fully confident that the team or dental implant clinic they have selected is highly specialised and experienced in this particular dental area.

Immediate Implants at Dentatime

Dentatime is a leading dental implant clinic based in Sofia, Bulgaria with a focus on immediate load basal implant treatment. Led by founder and Head Dentist Dr. Radoslav Simeonov, our implantology practice brings together more than 20 years of team experience and specialisation to provide dental implant service of the highest quality, applying the latest clinically-proven implant systems available. At Dentatime we work with Swiss basal implants for immediate loading and this has now become the fastest possible procedure in terms of time for receiving new permanent teeth.

Immediate load basal (bicortical) implants with metal ceramic constructions cemented to them, are suitable for complete mouth restoration on upper and lower jaws, when all or certain teeth segments are missing.  The basal implants protocol  at Dentatime has proved to be an express means for bringing back the confident and happy smiles of our patients.

Immediate load implants are definitely the most contemporary and fastest dental implant system today. Check out our News section for more posts on the dental implant topic or visit the following links:

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The Dentatime Team