Introducing the New DENTEXPRESS Option at Dentatime – The Immediate Implants Clinic

Dentatime Immediate Dental Implants

At Dentatime, we understand time-related challenges our patients usually face when it comes to complex treatment. After introducing our implantology work protocol for Express Treatment with Dental Implants in 3 days or within one working week, we are now happy to present our latest DENTEXPRESS option for our busiest patients. The new booking option represents an accelerated treatment plan, allowing patients to schedule a quick time frame at their utmost convenience.


What is the DENTEXPRESS Option?


Crafted to the needs of extremely busy and working people, who fail to devote time needed for longer and time consuming dental treatments (scheduled within weeks or even months), the DENTEXPRESS accelerated plan comes with optimised visits to our clinic, organised within the same or several consecutive days.

All individual therapies necessary for the dental treatment are scheduled and carried out on these precise calendar days selected by our patients. The plan has been specifically aimed at busy people who do not have time for long and continuous dental treatments with clinic visits, spreading over weeks and sometimes even months, to help them optimise their time and not miss or postpone important treatment.

DENTEXPRESS care at Dentatime allows our team to cure several of your problematic teeth on the same day, with short breaks between the different procedures, within a 4-to-6 working hours’ time frame.


Services Covered by DENTEXPRESS Care?


The new DENTEXPRESS accelerated treatment plan has been made possible thanks to the diverse experience of our team at Dentatime, employing an interdisciplinary approach, state-of-the-art equipment, digital technologies and high-quality materials, at every single stage of our dental treatments.


We introduced DENTEXPRESS care as a really convenient option covering the following treatments and procedures booked within one (same day) or several consecutive working days:


Express Dental Implant Treatment (with immediate Implants)


Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics Treatment)


Cosmetic Dentistry procedures


With root canal treatment for example, the procedure can be shortened even to a single visit for the convenience of the patient, with the help of our latest dental microscope.


At Dentatime, we also work with bioceramic materials for root canal filling and a number of other innovations that help us shorten the time required for all procedures and ensure performance to the highest quality at the same time.


Book your appointment at Dentatime and ask for the DENTEXPRESS accelerated treatment plan by phone (+359) 892 600 602 or using the contact form on our website.


Dr. Radoslav Simeonov

Head Dentist at the Dentatime Clinic