Dental Travel to Sofia, Bulgaria, allows you to enjoy tourist activities combined with the benefit of a dental vacation for achieving high-quality dental care and treatment at a better pricing option. This is a complex service package, that the Dentatime Clinic has opened especially for foreign tourists, dental travellers, people living in the neighbouring countries and Bulgaria’s major cities. The dental vacation at Dentatime lasts from several up to 7 days and is accompanied by a pleasant stay at a hotel situated only 20 metres from our Clinic (it takes a minute’s walk).

There are many benefits of going for a dental vacation. This allows you to take advantage of the senior quality skills of our Dentatime team providing safe, pain-free and highly professional treatments, using cutting-edge technologies in all major dental areas at a very good pricing range compared to most European countries.

Our Clinic offers modern dental and implantology services with high-quality materials and up-to-date equipment compliant with international standards. We collaborate with the best dental laboratories.

It is a great honour for us to carry out a complex treatment to our numerous patients from Bulgaria and abroad. Also, we advise all our patients to visit regular check-ups in their home countries, or if possible, they can always come back to us, as we are always here for them!

As for the prices, we are aware, that Bulgaria as a European Union member state, offers considerably lower costs when it comes to all dental services. It is our policy that prices are the same for all our patients. Our efforts and commitment are the same, no matter the lower prices –responsibilities even increase when a patient halfway across the world comes to us. Your trust has no price for us!

There is one thing certain – you will save up to 80% by coming to the Dentatime Clinic!

In the same time, you can enjoy your stay with memorable visits to Sofia’s unique ancient and cultural heritage and historic sites or you can take a ride up the beautiful Vitosha mountain,  surrounding our charming city.

Dentatime offers three main dental travel packages to match a perfect dental vacation:

  • Dental Implants
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Orthodontics

All members of our team speak English fluently. Should you be interested to check out our dental travel services, please contact us for a free phone consultation to discuss the treatment feasibility. All we need from you is an email to in advance with the completed questionnaire that can be downloaded hereAlso, please attach to your e-mail a recent panoramic X-ray (orthopantomography) of your teeth and we will get in touch with you at first possible convenience. Looking forward to welcoming you at Dentatime Clinic and our beautiful Sofia!

Swiss basal implant system for dental treatment in just 3 to 5 days!

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