Immediate Implants

Everything You Need to Know About Immediate Dental Implants

This section covers all you need to know about immediate implants’ placement and the benefits from choosing them. Learn why basal implant system for immediate loading has become the fastest and most popular solution when all or some teeth segments are missing, with replacement completed in just 5 days!

When Are Dental Implants Necessary?

Tooth loss generally results after a serious gum infection (periodontitis), caries, injury, etc. This is an issue that affects all age groups, including young people, especially with genetic predisposition, or poor oral hygiene, decay complication, a number of harmful factors affecting the periodontium of the teeth.

According to the US National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), periodontitis appears to be the most common cause for tooth loss among adults. It is characterised by a serious gum infection, usually following gingivitis (a milder form of gum inflammation). While gingivitis is often completely reversible, periodontitis affects all connective tissues supporting the tooth. If left untreated, periodontitis can damage severely the bone that holds the teeth. They loosen and eventually this leads to tooth loss.

Dental implants are the most advanced and contemporary treatment for tooth loss. They are produced from supreme, biocompatible titanium alloys and act as a root part for the replacement tooth. Dental implants are inserted directly into the jawbone and form a solid basis for supporting the new artificial teeth replacements in the form of single crowns, bridges or full arch, acting just as natural teeth.

The latest research shows that dental implants have become the most advanced and long-term option for restoring missing teeth. Dental implantology has been advancing recently at a rapid pace to offer fast, high-quality and lasting solutions for restoring the natural feel of teeth, their chewing functionality and aesthetics, together with modern treatments of severe gum infections and recession.

Dental implants with restorations look just like natural teeth and function in exactly the same way. They enable you to speak clearly, chew normally and are considered the most effective and lasting solution to tooth loss.

System for Immediate Implant Placement and Immediate Loading

At Dentatime we specialise in immediate basal implant treatment. Led by founder and implantologist Dr. Radoslav Simeonov, our team incorporates the most advanced and innovative immediate implant load system, allowing for fast replacement of all or certain segments of missing teeth, within just 3 to 5 working days.

Our treatment with immediate basal implants offers a high success rate and consists of two “immediate” steps – placement and loading.

Immediate Implant Placement

Immediate implant placement means that implants are inserted immediately after tooth extraction (on the same day) and are an innovative procedure that simplifies the process of tooth replacement. This method increases the implant’s likelihood for successful osseointegration and shortens time for the overall restoration treatment. This way, both treatment steps (extraction and insertion) are brought together within one single appointment

Immediate Implant Loading

Immediate implant loading takes place within the next 72 hours when patients receive their final restoration constructions. Their new bridges with crowns are cemented to the implants and are eligible to be loaded (used) immediately.

What Are the Benefits of Immediate Load Implants?

In general, immediate load basal implants hold more benefits than drawbacks.

shorter, faster and more affordable

The dental procedure is shorter, faster and more affordable altogether, compared to other replacement procedures. Within simply 3 to 5 days our patients have their new smiles and can eat normally straight away.

No need for bone grafting

immediate load implants are placed under a wider angle without interfering with the maxillary sinus, the mandibular nerve canal, etc.

Suitable for patients with diabetes, chronic disease and smokers and also for patients that have previously been refused conventional dental implant treatment.


Basal immediate load implants are characterized by a special, smooth, one-piece thread design, allowing for their insertion in the deep cortical parts of the jawbone, that does not resorb and increases the likelihood for fast osseointegration to take place. BCS implant surgery is less invasive, patients recover much faster and they displace 60% less bone than the classic implants. Bone integrity and blood supply are also minimally affected.

Smooth surface

The smooth surface of the immediate load implants prevents plaque and tartar from being retained, thus keeping the gum around the implant healthy and further preventing the development of peri-implantitis. With patients suffering from periodontitisthe infection disappears immediately upon the placement of the implants.

How Long Does Immediate Load Implant Recovery Take?

The implant journey is followed and supervised by our Head Dentist and implantologist Dr. Radoslav Simeonov all the way through from the very first consultation through the post-insertion period.

Recovery time after immediate implant placement is considered to be fast and in most cases without the need for taking strong medications, generally prescribed with standard surgical interventions. Normally healing takes from 3 to 7 days and is pain-free.

Most patients get back to their normal daily and diet routine even right away. It is important that patients visit our clinic for a regular check-up in the fourth or sixth month following the implant surgery and then once per year. This is a standard procedure within the immediate implant placement and immediate load implant protocols.

However, surgical recovery is something very individual and it depends largely on each patient’s personal adaptability to the new restoration constructions and change management as a whole.

How Much Do Immediate Load Implants Cost?

Immediate load implants can be considered an investment for a lifetime.  The overall implant journey price includes more than just the immediate implants themselves, it covers a full pack of procedures, services and factors that accompany the treatment process – teeth extraction, anaesthesia, restoration constructions production and other price components.

In Bulgaria, immediate implant treatment is comparatively cheaper than in the rest of the countries in the European Union. The price range for basal immediate implants is within BGN 8 000 to BGN 10 000, depending on the number of implants inserted, the complexity of each clinical case and on the overall condition of the teeth that need to be extracted.

Why Choose the Dentatime Dental Clinic?

      • Our Head Dentist and implantologist, Dr. Radoslav Simeonov has extensive experience in placing dental implants.  With dental implants, experience matters and you can rest assured that they are completely safe and recovery will be fast and flawless when you choose the right specialised clinic and a highly qualified and experienced dental team for your treatment.
      • Our patients are offered customised treatment planning based on a thorough assessment of their health status specifications.
      • At Dentatime we are proud to employ the latest in dental technology for delivering fast, lasting and affordable dental treatments. Our team works with first-class basal implants that are compliant with the latest medical safety standards and hold a number of advantages when compared to conventional, classic dental implants.

Other Dental Options for Replacing Missing Teeth – Removable Dentures and Bridges

If you already have missing teeth or teeth that are subject to extraction and cannot be treated or saved, there are several replacement options that you can consider.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are the most common solution to missing teeth. They are typically a budget option compared to fixed dentures and can be partial or full depending on how many teeth are missing.

However, many people fail to adapt to wearing removable dentures and prefer to opt for a more comfortable option. Some people even find them extremely hard to adjust to or even absolutely unbearable, as they do make chewing and speaking far more difficult.

The jaw shape and gums’ contour can change over time, which often results in removable dentures’ becoming loose and causing pain and discomfort when eating and speaking.

Removable dentures are more suitable as a temporary solution, preceding a long-term treatment such as dental implants.

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges can also be considered as a replacement option, as long as the adjacent teeth are healthy. When one or more teeth are missing, the adjacent teeth act as support for the permanent restoration (bridge) spanning over the empty area. In order to play support, these teeth are prepared with drilling and sometimes even devitalised in order to hold the bridge. This is the main drawback to having a dental bridge, as nearby teeth get seriously affected.

Dental bridges restore missing teeth and improve chewing and aesthetics significantly. Over time however, the bridge can compromise the health of the adjacent, supporting teeth. Also, as the bone in the replacement area is not loaded directly, eventually it starts to resorb.

In conclusion, immediate load express dental implants are considered to be the most contemporary, sustainable and successful dental treatment for replacing missing teeth compared to all options above. In contrast to bridges, dental implants provide for a solid foundation in the replacement area without damaging healthy and strong teeth surrounding the restoration.

Hidden Risks of Not Replacing Missing Teeth

If left untreated over a long period of time, missing teeth can really cause damage to a myriad of aspects in one’s health. More than just aesthetics, a missing tooth can result in complications in the chewing function, speech, self-confidence, comfort and overall health deterioration.

People sometimes get depressed, all of a sudden they start to feel old and eventually compromise their social life. Missing teeth often cause bone resorption, which impacts the face structure and adds an unwanted elderly effect in one’s appearance.

People sometimes get depressed, all of a sudden they start to feel old and eventually compromise their social life. Missing teeth often cause bone resorption, which impacts the face structure and adds an unwanted elderly effect in one’s appearance.

Social life is also impacted by tooth loss. People tend to avoid social gatherings, smiling and laughing. They feel embarrassed when they have to eat in public when out with colleagues, family or friends.

Latest research links tooth loss and periodontitis to gastrointestinal tract chronic diseases and also to other conditions affecting the pancreas, lungs and even cancer.

Tooth loss and periodontitis are also associated with a higher risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and severe infections including COVID-19.

As tooth loss can affect life quality in many ways, it is more than important to consult an experienced dental implantologist at a specialized clinic for the right implant treatment.

As tooth loss can affect life quality in many ways, it is more than important to consult an experienced dental implantologist at a specialized clinic for the right implant treatment.

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