Immediate Load Basal Dental Implants – Implants with Crowns in Three Days

Basal implants are an innovative solution with growing popularity in modern strategic implantology and in the Dentatime Dental Clinic in Sofia. Check out why and which are the most frequently asked questions relating to the topic in our conversation with surgeon and leading implantologist, Dr Radoslav Simeonov.

Immediate load basal implants are a comparatively new method in world dental medicine and during the past few years, they have come to be one of the most preferred implantological solutions suitable in cases where we have partial loss of teeth or total edentulism. Their basic advantage comes with the fact that for their application it is not necessary to perform preliminary bone-grafting or sinus-lift operations. This has now become the shortest possible procedure in terms of time to receiving new permanent teeth and we are facing a great interest in this treatment on behalf of our patients. In general, it is also the most cost-effective solution to lifetime missing teeth replacement.

Immediate basal implants represent an artificial one-piece root made of titanium that is placed within the deep cortical (basal) parts of the jawbone. They are made of a highly fracture-resistant titanium alloy, characterised by excellent chemical and mechanical properties and allow also for immediate loading, meaning that patients can have their crown or bridge installed within 3 to 5 days. They play a key role in securing stability for all fixed constructions to be further placed.


How is the basal implant treatment organized at the Dentatime Clinic?             

At our Dentatime Clinic, we work with Swiss basal implants by Dr. Ihde Dental AG. This type of treatment is practically suitable for all patient cases and is the only possible solution for:

  • Patients with a high stage of bone resorption (melting).
  • Cases where immediate placement of fixed constructions (bridges) is required-edentulous (toothless) patients or patient with missing teeth.
  • For patients suffering from diabetes, severe periodontal diseases, osteoporosis, smokers, etc.

At our Dentatime Clinic the treatment process can be planned and carried out in 3 stages lasting 5 to 7 days:

  • Within the first appointment (Stage 1) all extractions (if needed) are carried out and dental implants are placed simultaneously. The surgery is pain-free, performed under local anaesthesia. Impressions are taken immediately and an X-ray allows ascertaining the proper placement of the dental implants.
  • During the second appointment (Stage 2) we perform first tests of the metal construction – 48 hours after placing the implants.
  • On the third appointment (Stage 3) the patient receives the permanent bridge on the dental implants and bridges (crowns) are finally cemented. The patient can proceed directly to eating, or this is what we call the immediate load.

What are the main advantages of the basal implant treatment?

Basal implants have several key advantages over other implant treatments and we are definitely facing a growing interest in this particular system from patients in Bulgaria and from Europe:

  • The whole treatment process takes up to 72 hours or 3 working days only.
  • There is no need for temporary constructions.
  • They do not require bone grafting.
  • There is no need for sinus lift.
  • They are made of a modern titanium biocompatible alloy, attaching rapidly to the deep cortical bone parts and have a unique design allowing for the fast restoration of the chewing functionality.
  • They are an affordable and preferred price solution compared to other implant systems.

Do patients need to prepare in any special way for the treatment?

The most important part prior to planning a basal implant treatment is the X-ray (OPG) or 3D digital scan examination (CBCT). This is what you need to have before you schedule a detailed consultation with Dr. Radoslav Simeonov at the Dentatime Clinic on the treatment options. After the check-up, our patients are offered individual treatment plans.

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Dr. Radoslav Simeonov

Chief Dentist at the Dentatime Clinic


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