Basal Implants

Immediate Load Basal Implants

Immediate load basal implants allow for complete mouth restoration from 3 to 5 days when all or certain teeth segments are missing. At Dentatime we work with basal implants for immediate loading (express, same-day dental implants) and this has now become the shortest possible procedure in terms of time for receiving new permanent teeth and the most preferred treatment for bringing back the confident and happy smiles of our patients.

Basal dental implants with crowns in 3 days come with several basic advantages and characteristics that make them also the most cost-effective solution to lifetime missing teeth replacement and most contemporary alternative to traditional dental treatments with bridges and other types of implants.

Basal Implants characteristics

Basal implantology offers treatment for patients with all or partially missing teeth in 4 steps within only 3 to 5 days!
Immediate basal implants (express, same-day dental implants) are one of the most preferred implantological solutions suitable for patients who have partial tooth loss or total edentulism. Basal implants are also the best long-term solution for patients suffering advanced periodontal disease. They are also used for replacing missing teeth segments.

Treatment of complete tooth loss

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Treatment of missing segments

The 4-step treatment system with immediate load basal implants:

First visit:

All teeth extractions (when necessary), are carried out within the first appointment and dental implants are placed simultaneously (immediate implant placement). The surgery is pain-free, performed under local anesthesia and/or conscious sedation. There is no need to wait for the extractions to heal. Temporary, plastic constructions are used only in certain cases, in order to give the gums healing time from 4 to 6 months, after which permanent metal ceramic bridges replace them.

Second visit:

During the second appointment, the try-in of the metal construction takes place – 48 hours after placing the implants.

Third visit:

During the third appointment we try-in the occlusion, shape and colour of the ceramic crowns.

Fourth visit:

During the fourth visit, the final bridges are cemented onto the dental implants and the patient can start eating the same day – this is why basal implants are known as implants with “immediate loading” in just 3 to 5 days.

Implants with crowns in just 3 days!

Basal implants are designed for immediate loading. This means that within 72 hours of their insertion, patients are given their new bridge constructions with crowns. It is no longer necessary to wait for months before you get new teeth. Thanks to our dental laboratory partners, your new teeth set will be ready within 3 to 4 working days and cemented during your visit at our clinic.

No need for bone grafting and sinus lift!

With basal implant treatment patients no longer need to go through long procedures for bone graft and sinus lift. Immediate basal implants (cortical implants) represent an artificial one-piece root made of titanium that is placed within the deep cortical (basal) parts of the jawbone. This type of implants use the whole volume of the bone (they are placed at an angle), based on the principles of the Strategic Implantology. This allows for treatment of cases where the application of other traditional systems require preliminary bone grafting or sinus lift.

Figure 1. Bone grafting with conventional implants
Figure 2. Basal implant positioning

Basal implants are inserted with minimally invasive surgery!

Basal implants are inserted through the gum at strategic points in the upper and lower jawbone, where the bone is stronger and no resorption occurs. This is what we call Strategic Implantology where the incisions made are smaller in comparison to other implant systems.

Basal (immediate or cortical) implants are made from a modern titanium biocompatible alloy with a unique thread design, attaching to the deep cortical bone parts and allowing for fast restoration of the chewing functionality.

Fixed, aesthetic metal-ceramic constructions!

The metal-ceramic constructions we use are made of fine quality dental ceramics with customised crowns, that have better aesthetic characteristics than the traditional plastic constructions, designed on teeth templates as relates to shape, size and colour.

Immediate load implants are an affordable and preferred price solution compared to conventional implants!

Our prices at Dentatime for basal implants are within the BGN 8 000 to BGN 10 000 range, depending on the number of implants inserted, the complexity of each clinical case and on the overall condition of the teeth that need to be extracted. The most important part prior to planning a basal implant treatment is to have an X-ray (OPG) or 3D digital scan examination (CBCT) performed and a consultation booked at our Clinic. Treatment appointments are booked according to our Dentatime schedule availibility.

Basal implants advantages

The basal implant system with crowns in 3 days is a preferred treatment option for patients suffering severe dental diseases. This type of implants have several key advantages compared to other implant treatments in certain clinical cases:

Smoking and basal implants:

Smoking decreases the jawbone blood supply that is a direct obstacle for implant treatment recovery. The overall treatment process can be delayed and the risk of gingivitis and peri-implantitis increased significantly in the same time. Smoking can have a harmful effect on the bone tissue response (osseointegration) processes that can further compromise the overall implant treatment.

When basal implants are used, the good news is that their osseointegration takes place in the deep, cortical parts of the bone, which are subject to less blood supply and therefore, less affected by nicotine and other smoking impacts. However, at Dentatime we strongly advise our patients not to smoke during the first days of their healing period, following the implant surgery.

Basal implants for patients with periodontal disease:

Patients suffering from severe gum disease – periodontal disease, often face poor results with classic (conventional) implant treatment. This is due specifically to the higher risk of gum inflammation in the implant area that may further lead to periimplantitis and potential loss of the dental implant. Some of the main symptoms that patients with developing periodontal disease face are swollen gums that bleed easily, painful chewing, apparent bone loss, loose or wobbly teeth, as well as their complete loss at a certain stage. These symptoms are extremely important to follow up on, as they are directly linked to risks of other diseases and to the patient’s overall health condition.

Above all, periodontitis can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and lead to a number of lung infections. This is where Basal Implantology comes into play with a very high success treatment rate for patients suffering an advanced periodontal stage. During the treatment, all infected teeth are extracted and replaced with single-piece immediate load dental implants with polished surface. Simply 3 days after the implant procedure, the patient has their new teeth on immediate load implants and can smile and eat again notmally.

Patients with diabetes are eligible for basal implants:

Diabetes patients are generally not eligible for classic (conventional) implant treatment. The main reason behind this is that diabetes is associated with a number of concomitant diseases, including increased susceptibility to infections, healing difficulties when infections or wounds are present, gingivitis, periodontitis and other gum and mouth diseases. Basal implants however, are the best treatment option when it comes to patients with diabetes. Their polished surface plays a key role to preventing bacteria and inflammation occurrence. Moreover, the implant base is inserted in the cortical part of the bone, situated at a good distance from the crestal bone, where bacteria usually try to invade and settle.

Photos of patients before and after implant treatment:

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Patient 2

Patient 3

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