Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery at Dentatime

At Dentatime we recognise several important cases when oral surgery is necessary. Our surgeons share more than 20 years of experience and care in handling patients for oral surgical treatment. Our practice is well equipped with the latest requirements for modern technology and software.

Normally, surgery procedures involve a simple operation and are performed under local anesthesia. We work with our patients to answer all their questions, and share important preliminary preparatory information to make sure they feel comfortable and informed for the upcoming surgical treatment.

Types of Dental Surgery

The most common types of dental surgeries carried out by our team at the Dentatime Clinic are:

Tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth removal – wisdom teeth that are impacted in cases when they have either not emerged fully or are growing at an unusual angle. These teeth can lead to a variety of issues such as pain, crowding of the teeth, damage to adjacent teeth, cysts, and pericoronaritis-inflammation of the gum around the crown of wisdom tooth.

Impacted teeth removal – in cases when certain teeth do not emerge out of the bone and gum in a proper way.

Removal of cysts.

Apical osteotomy-endodontic surgery.

Sinus lift surgery – these type of operations are indicated in cases with insufficient volume of bone in the upper jaw, where implant placement is needed.

Other types of bone plastic surgeries – when it is necessary to expand the bone in width to build up more bone volume for placing implants.

Biopsies – this is a procedure involving removal of a piece of tissue so that it can be analysed in a laboratory.

Our dental team aims at delivering painless procedures, securing the feeling of comfort for our patients. Dr. Radoslav Simeonov will meet you for a detailed consultation prior to a dental surgery procedure and will also answer any questions you may have.

Oral surgery procedures take between 1 and 3 hours depending on their complexity. Patients receive an individual financial for each surgery procedure.