Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic Dentistry at Dentatime

Prosthetic dentistry is employed for replacing a missing, damaged or revitalised tooth with different types of dental solutions – crowns, bridges and dentures. Treatments offered include a variety of dental appliances that can be fixed or removable.

Types of Prosthetic Treatments

Metal Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Metal ceramic crowns are more affordable than all-ceramic crowns. Even though they are not as aesthetic as porcelain crowns, they are still a good solution for back teeth restoration. They have a metal base (high noble, precious and semi-precious noble metal alloys) that is fused to porcelain and this makes the construction very strong. Metal ceramic crowns are long lasting, very strong but not so natural as the cosmetic types of crowns – all-ceramic and zirconia crowns. If you require a more extensive restoration than a crown or have more than one tooth that needs to be repaired, a good solution would be a bridge.

Bridges are usually made of a precious metal base and porcelain, which gives them a solid structure and makes them hardwearing. Bridges can also be fixed to your jaw with dental implants (visit section), if you have several teeth next to each other that are missing. Bridges can be made of metal, porcelain or ceramic materials.


At Dentatime we offer a wide range of treatments and solutions to missing or damaged teeth.  Dentures are made of hardwearing material that resembles the look of teeth and gums for a natural appearance. They are constructed to fit the gums and are removable for cleaning. They also make it possible for patients to smile again with confidence and enjoy their favourite food.

Our team at Dentatime consults each patient on his or her very own individual need for teeth replacement before selecting the most suitable option. Dentures are prosthetic dental appliances constructed to replace missing teeth. Unlike dental crowns, bridges and dental implants, which are permanently attached to the bone, dentures are attached to supporting structures in the mouth. There are different type of dentures that we offer at our Dentatime practice:

Vertex™ ThermoSens Soft Dentures

Vertex™ ThermoSens is an extremely strong material, which makes dentures virtually unbreakable and provides an excellent fit due to the lack of volume shrinkage. These types of soft dentures are ideally suited to patients unwilling or unable to accept materials that could result in allergic reactions. They are called also cosmetic dentures, due to their natural and aesthetic look and can be used as partial or full dentures.

Plastic Dentures

Conventional dentures made out of plastic are the most common and cheapest solution for missing teeth replacement. Generally divided into partial and complete, these dentures consist of three-layer plastic teeth and a pink plastic base. Plastic dentures can be made as immediate dentures – right after the patient gets his teeth extraction done. Adjustments are done once the healing process has completed. Sometimes, having a ‘cosmetic natural looking’ denture alone is not enough and you will need the help of implants for extra stability. A new denture is created to sit on top of the implants rather than the gums. Thus, dentures are more stable and eating is comfortable, as the denture is held in via the implants instead of relying on the bone.

Bruxism Night Guard

Bruxism represents the habit of teeth grinding and clenching. This happens involuntarily usually at night, during sleep, but may also be a problem in the daytime and often results in tooth wear (abrasion) and jaw disorders.  At Dentatime we offer the Night Guard as a treatment to bruxism. The Night Guard is soft and comfortable to wear during sleep. It covers the teeth, acting as a protective cushion for teeth from the constant pressure from grinding and clenching, thus restoring the normal function of muscles. This mouthguard represents a small dental device, made by a lab-technician and prevents further damage to teeth and helps restore your bite.

Snoring and Apnoea Treatment with Silensor-sl (Snoreguard)

At Dentatime we also offer dental treatment for a very common problem such as snoring and cases of Sleep Apnoea that may further lead to serious health complications. Most often, a narrowing in the upper respiratory tracts appaeras to be the main cause for both problems. By wearing the Silensor-sl snoreguard that consists of two transparent splints (one for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw) it maintains the patency of the upper airway and can lead to significant improvements in patients with snoring problems or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. The Silensor-sl snoreguard is a comfortable treatment device to be worn at night with proven long-term effective results.

Dentures normally take 2 to 5 visits at our clinic, while metal ceramic crowns and bridges take 2 to 3. Check out also our Dental Implants section for advanced, contemporary dental treatment when one or more teeth are missing.