Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics – Root Canal Treatment at Dentatime

Root canal treatment (also known as Endodontics) deals with infections inside the tooth pulp (nerves, blood vessels and tissues inside the tooth). Infections generally occur due to a variety of reasons most often being tooth decay, injury, any form of damaged, cracked or broken teeth. Symptoms involve tenderness, painful toothache, sensitivity to cold and hot drinks and pain upon biting. Employing precise and adequate endodontic dental treatment is crucial in root therapy for preserving an infected tooth.

Cutting-Edge Dental Microscope

At Dentatime, root canal therapy is carried out under the Zumax OMS2380R2 latest generation dental microscope. Our endodontic team of specialists employs the latest techniques, high expertise and advanced magnification technology using a 4K camera. The dental microscope magnifies the object more than sixteen times ensuring a perfectly lit working space. The LED light source is mounted directly in the body of the microscope, allowing the dentist to have direct visibility and achieve 3D expansion and complementation of the root canals. Microscopic root canal treatment is the new golden standard in contemporary root therapy applied at Dentatime together with supreme materials for achieving the highest possible treatment success rate.

When is Root Canal Treatment Necessary?

Tooth deacay, following poor oral hygiene or an unterated caries, most often leads to pulpitis or periodontitis (tooth pulp inflammation or infection). Our endodontic specialists at Dentatime can perform treatment procedures within one visit, ususally with arsenic medication. However, complicated inflammations and treatment of a dead tooth can require more than one visit. 

 Filling the canals and sealing the tooth with advanced dental material to isolate the area from bacteria access follow the procedure. Thus, the treated tooth is preserved vital and can be used for years ahead.

At Denatatime we also offer further tooth restoration options upon the completion of the root canal (endodontic) treatment phase.